Stay A Little Longer

Count: 32    Wall: 4    Level: High Beginner
Chorographer: Tim Schalch
Music: Stay A Little Longer by Brothers Osborns

(One easy Restart - 24 counts in on wall 3)

[1-8] Swinging Kick Right, Hook, R Kick Ball Stomp & Repeat L side
1,2 Scuff R, Hook
3&4 Kick R, R together & Stomp L
5,6 Scuff L, Hook
7&8 Kick L, L together & Stomp R

[9-16] R Kick, together, L Step Back & Repeat L side, Syncopated Heel Toe Swivels
1&2 R Kick (Diagonal), R together, L step back
3&4 L Kick (Diagonal), L together, R step back
5,6 R heel FWD, R toe Back,
7&8 R Heel FWD, R toe Back, R Heel FWD (L foot swivels along traveling to the right)

[17-24] R ¼ Monterey Turn, L ½ Monterey Turn, R Shuffle, L Shuffle
1,2 Touch R to side, R ¼ turn (bringing feet together)
3,4 Touch L to side, L ½ turn (swinging L around back together)
5&6 Shuffle RLR
7&8 Shuffle LRL

[25-32] R Rock Recover, ½ Turn Shuffle RLR, L Toe Heel Stomp, Hold, Stomp RL
1,2 R Rock FWD, Recover L
3&4 ½ turn Shuffle RLR
5&6 L Toe FWD, L Heel FWD, L STOMP
7&8 HOLD, Stomp RL