Let It Rain Down

Count: 32    Wall: 2    Level: Improver
Choreographer: Dirk Leibing - Augusti 2022
Music:Let It Rain Down (feat. PollyAnna) - Alle Farben

Intro : 16 counts - No Tag, No Restart

(I) Side, Close, shuffle forward, Rock Step, Side Rock
1-2 Step RF right(1), Close LF next to RF(2)
3&4 Step RF forward(3), Close LF next to RF(&), Step RF forward(4)
5-6 Rock LF forward(5), Recover on RF(6)
7-8 Rock LF to left side(7), recover on RF(8)

(II) Behind, Side, Cross Shuffle, Turn ¼, Side, Cross Shuffle
1-2 Step LF behind RF(1), Step RF right(2)
3&4 Cross LF in front of RF(1), Step RF right(&), Cross LF in front of RF(4)
5-6 Turn ¼ left stepping RF back(5)(9:00), Step LF left(6)
7&8 Cross RF in front of RF(7), Step LF left(&), Cross RF in front of LF(8)

(III) Back, Close, Cross, ¼ Turn, Shuffle back, Rock Step back
1-2 Step LF back(1), Close RF next to LF(2)
3-4 Cross LF in front of RF(3), Turn ¼ left stepping RF back(4)(6:00)
5&6 Step LF back(5), Close RF next to LF(&), Step LF back(6)
7-8 Rock RF back(7), Recover on LF(8)

(IV) Kick Ball Cross, Side Rock, Sailor Step, Brush, Cross
1&2 Kick RF to right diagonal(1), Step on Ball of RF next to LF(&), Cross LF in front of RF(2)
3-4 Rock RF right(3), Recover on LF(4)
5&6 Step RF behind LF(5), Step LF left(&), Step RF right(6)
7-8 Brush LF diagonally forward(7), Cross LF in front of RF(8)