Double Shot Of Crown

Count: 32    Wall: 4    Level: High Beginner
Choreographer: Felicia Harris Jones
Music: Bartender by Lady A

Diagonal Step Lock, Shuffle x2
1-2 Step right forward diagonally, Lock Left foot behind right
3&4 Diagonal forward shuffle Right, Left, Right
5-6 Step Left forward diagonally, Lock Right foot behind left
7&8 Diagonal forward shuffle Left, Right, Left

Forward Rock, Recover, ½ Turn Shuffle, ¼ Turn, Touch, Kick Ball Cross
1-2 Rock forward on Right, Recover to Left foot
3&4 Half turn right shuffle Right, Left, Right (6:00)
5-6 Quarter turn right stepping forward on Left (9:00), Touch Right next to left
7&8 Right Kick Ball Cross left over right

¼ Turn L, Step Together, Triple ½ Turn L, Walk Back, Step Together, Coaster
1-2 Quarter turn Left stepping back on Right, Step Left together (6:00)
3&4 Left Half turn shuffle stepping back Right, Left, Right (12:00)
5-6 Walk back on Left, Walk Back on Right
7&8 Step Back on Left, Step Right next to left, Step Left forward

Step 1/8 Turn, Hold, Step 1/8 Turn, Hold, ½ Turn Pivot, Shuffle Forward
1-2 Small turn right stepping on Right , Hold
&3-4 Step Left together, Small turn right stepping on Right, Hold (3:00)
5-6 Step Left forward, Pivot half turn -weight on right (9:00)
7&8 Shuffle forward Left, Right, Left

Repeat and ENJOY!