A Gigolo (40c/4w) Video

A Little Help (32c/4w)

AB-Alright, Already (16c/4w)  Video

AB Knockin Boots (32c/4w)

A-B Memphis (32c/4w)

AB One Fool (32c/4w)

AB-Trouble Maker  (16c/4w) - Video

A-B Whirl (24c/4w)- Video

All About You (16c/4w)

All In (32c/2w) - Video

Average Joe EZ  (16c/4w) 


Baby Bell (32c/4w) - Video

Be Boll-EZ (32C/4W) - Video

Be Kind (32c/4w) - Video

Beginner Bop (32c/4w)

Billie Jean (32c/4w) - Video

Black Coffe (32c/4w) - Video

Bomberos (32c/4w) - Video


Cabeza (32c/4w) - Video

Choka Choka (32c/4w) - Video

Chill Factor (32c/4w) - Video

Colder (32c/4w) - Video

Corn (32c/4w) - Video

Cowboy Life (32c/4w) - Video

Coyote Outlaw (32c/4w) - Video

Crystal Touch (32c/4w) - Video

Cut A Rug (32c/2w) - Video



Åsgårdsvägen 21 B, 774 60 Avesta





Åsgårdsvägen 21 B, 774 60 Avesta




Dance With Me - Heidi Anne & Colleen Liz Kennedy
64count  4wall  Beginner

Dancing In The Sky - Esmeralda van de Pol (NL) - July 2015
32count 2wall Intermediate

Dancing Through The Rain - Lynn Sawyer (SWE) & Jane Carstairs (UK) - August 2022
32count 4wall High Beginner

Dans Le Tango - Pat Stott
64 count  2wall  Improver

Dare To Dance Fred Whitehouse
32count  4wall  Beginner

DHSS Gay Teather
32 count  4 wall  Beginner/Intermediate

Diamond & Babies - Rob Holley
32 count  2walll  Beginner

Dim The Lights - Maddison Glover & Simon Ward June 2022
48count  4wall  Intermediate

Dixie Shuffle - Daniel Wittaker
32count  4wall  Beginner

Don't Be Cruel EZDavid Linger
24count  2wall  Beginner

Don't Cry Bachata Eun Hee Yoon & Ki Ju Kim
32count  4wall  High Beginner

Double Shot Of Crown Felicia Harris Jones
32count  4wall  High Beginner

Down To One - Agnes Gauthier  Musik
32count 2wall Beginner 


2 Stepping Away Darren Bailey, Rob Fowler, Kate Sala - August 2022 
32count  4wall  Improver.   





Electric Slide Ric Silver
18count  4wall  Beginner

Everyone Needs A Hero - Roy Verdonk. Grace David, Jef Camps - January 2023
64count 2wall Easy Intermedate

Everytime It Rains - Debbie Ellis
32count 4wall  High Intermediate (NC)

EZ Manila - Patricia Soran
32count  4wall  Beginner

EZ Stomp Juliet Lam
32count   4wall  Beginner


Flaws Maggie Gallagher (UK) - September 2022
40count  2wall  High Intermediate

Float Ya' Boat - Ria Vos
32count  4wall  Beginner

Foot Boogie Ryan Dobry
32count  2wall  Beginner

Footloose Levi J Hubbard & Starla Rodgers
32count  4wall  Beginner/Intermediate


Girlfriends - Vincenso & Monica TheNameless
32count 2wall Beginner

Gives Me Shivers - Brandon Zahorsky (USA) - October 2021
32count 4wall Beginner

Gucci Niels Poulsen & Jessica Boström
32count  4wall  Beginner

Gypsy Queen Hazel Pace (UK) - May 2016
32count  4wall  Improver


Head & Heart AB - Dag Alexander
32count  4wall  Absolute Beginner

Heart On FireGail Smith (USA) - October 2021
32count  4wall  Improver

Heavens JukeboxJosé Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Willie Brown (SCO) - September 2022
32count  4wall  High Beginner

Hillbilly Rock&Roll - Dancin' Terry
32count  1wall  Beginner Contra Dance

Honky Tonk Neon - Demi
32count  4wall  Beginner

Honky Tonk Way - Landon Purvis & Mark Paulino
32count  4wall  Intermediate


I'm Still Fishing - Agnes Gauthier (FR) - September 2020
32count 4wall Beginner

Impossible LoveNiels Poulsen (DK) - July 2022
32count  2wall  Low Improver

In Hell Yeah - Helaine Norman (USA) - November 2022
16count 4wall Absolute Beginner 

Irish Heave AwayHelaine Norman (USA) - February 2022
32count  4wall  High Beginner

Irish Stew Lois Lightfoot
32count  4wall  Beginner/Intermediate

It's A Country ThingTim Hand
48count  4wall  Beginner/Intermediate

It's Feels Like Rock'n Roll - Maria Maag
32count  4wall  Beginner


Jolly Stomp - Peter Heath
32count  2wall  Beginner


Kill The Spiders - Gay Teather
32count  2wall  Intermediate

Knee Deep - Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs  Oktober 2010
32count  4wall  Improver

Knock OffGuylaine Bourdages (CAN), Chrystel DURAND (FR), Julie Lépine (CAN), Stéphane Cormier (CAN), Nicolas Lachance (CAN) & Niels Poulsen (DK) - July 2022
52count  2wall  Intermediate


Latin Fire - Ria Vos July 2002
48count  4wall  Easy Intermediate

Lay Here With Me - Julia Wetzel (USA) - November 2019
24count 4wall Beginner/Intermediate Waltz

Let It Rain Down - Dirk Leibing August 2022
32count  2wall  Improver

Like I Love Country Music - Chrystel Durand (FR) - May 2022
48count 4wall Easy Intermediate

Lindi Shuffle Jane Smee
16count  2wall  Beginner

Love You Cha Grace Davis
32count  2wall  Beginner

Lucky LipsGary Lafferty (UK) - January 2023
32count 4wall Absolute Beginner


Mama Loo - Maria Maag - Augusti 2013
32count  4wall  Beginner

Mamma Maria - Frank Trace (USA) - May 2009
32count   4 wall   Ultra Beginner

Mama & Me - Gary O'Reilly
32count  2wall  Improver

Margarita - Lana Wilson
32count  4wall  Absolute Beginner

Maybe I Could - Robbie McGowan Hickie
64count  4wall  Beginner/Intermediate

Mi Cama AB - Joan Morro & Joana Maria Grimalt
32count  2wall  Absolute Beginner

Mm Mm Mm - JMP (KOR) - Juli 2022
32count  4wall  Easy Improver

Mon Amour - Joan Morro
32count  4wall  High Beginner

Mr Lonely AB Carrie Anne Earl
32count  4wall  Absolute Beginner

My Redneck Girl - M.Vasques
40count  4wall  Beginner


Never & Forever Rob Fowler
24count  4wall  Beginner Waltz

Next Girl - Antonella Fedi (IT) - September 2020
64count 2wall Easy Intermedate


Off The Chain Ann Herd
32count  4wall  Beginner

Over The MoonStephen Rutter & Claire Rutter
32count  4wall  Absolute Beginner


Para Para Ti Jun Andrizal & Ely Chaniago
32count  4wall  Improver

Part Time Love - Raymond Sarlemijn
32count  4wall  Newcomer

Peppermint Twist - Jo Thompson Szymanski (USA) & Roy Verdonk (NL) - October 2021
48count  4wall  High Beginner


Red Hot Salsa Christina Browne
64count  2wall  Beginner/Intermediate

Rockin' With Ms. Jody Steve Cavanaugh
32count   4wall  Absolute Beginner


Sexy Eyes Gary O'Reilly
32count  4wall  Absolute Beginner

Short Fall Heather Barton & Hayley Wheatley 
32count  4wall  Absolute Beginner

Slapping Leather Gayl Brendon
38count  4wall  Beginner

Some Kind Of Wonderful Gary O'Reilly (IRE) - November 2021
32count  4wall  Beginner

Stitch It Up - Robbie McGowan Hickie (UK)
64count  4wall  Beginner/Intermediate

Stomp Down - José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Sebastiaan Holtland
32count  2wall  Improver

Storm And StoneMaddison Glover (AUS) - June 2022
32count  4wall  Improver

Summer In The Sand - Eleonor Halsius (SWE) - January 2023
32count  4wall  High Beginner 

Sweet Release - Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever
32count 4wall Improver

Sweetie - Birthe Tygesen (DK) & Niels Poulsen (DK) - October 2008
16count 4wall Beginner NC2S


Take Me Away - Sheila Allen
32count  4wall  Absolute Beginner

Tipsy Smile Eleonor Halsius
32count  4wall  Improver/Intermediate

The Next Girl Michelle Jackson (USA) - February 2021
32count  4wall  Beginner

There's a Big Black Hole - Choreographer: Angéline Fourmage (FR) - 22 May 2022
Count: 32 Wall: 4 Level: Beginner

Three TeachersAraceli Capitan, Montse Chafino (ES) & David Villellas (IT) - March 2018
32count   4wall  Beginner

Tush Push - Jim Ferrazzano
40count  4wall   Beginner/Intermediate

ToesRachael McEnaney
32count  4wall  Improver

Two StepRobert Royston
16count  4wall  Beginner 


We WentKristina Kovatch (USA) - January 2016
32count  4wall  Beginner

Welcome To The Hotel California - Micaela Svensson Erlandsson
32count  2 wall  Beginner

We're Good To Go - Rob Fowler-April 2022
32count  4wall  Beginner

Whiskey BridgesMaddison Glover
32count  4wall  Absolute Beginner

Whole Again Sue Johnston
32count   4wall  Beginner/Intermediate

Why WaitNathalie Di Vito
24count  4wall  Beginner


Yes M'am No M'amRia Vos
48count   4wall  Improver 

You Make Me Shivers - Leschelle Morkel (SA) - October 2021
32count 4wall Beginner


Zjozzys Funk Petra Van De Velde
32count  2wall  Beginner/Intermediate


1000 Years (or more) - Martin Ritchie
Count: 32 Wall:4 Level: Beginner